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b. 1978 Mansfield Ohio.
Hello I'm Joseph, I make oil paintings. I am interested in working from life, in a figurative or still life genre, I'm trying to look beyond the narrative inherent in these motifs to see beauty in the objects, and more importantly, in the paint itself.
Learning to draw comic books as a young man first brought me to a life drawing course at age 13, a tradition which expanded into my study in oils at the Savannah College of art and Design, and is a weekly tradition to this day still.
I'm currently living and working in Portland Oregon. My focus of painting has evolved into making the paint itself, trying to gain further insight into what oil paint itself can offer. My short film 'Making linseed oil; a process' was featured in Mental Floss in 2016.

All sales ship out of my Portland Studio, the point of sale is secured using shopify.

If you have any inquires please reach out to me;